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4G question, how is this possible?

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4G question, how is this possible?

How is it possible for two 4G phones on exactly the same network, in the same building, to have wildly different 4G speeds and connection reliability? Thanks



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Re: 4G question, how is this possible?

Hi @jamessc

Thanks for getting in touch. Just to clarify; are you both using the same handsets/ are either of the phones 4G compatible? We aim to provide a continuous, high-quality service but we can’t guarantee that it'll be available all the time. The more people using a service, the slower it can often become. 

You may also want to check if there's any known issues within your area:

If you would like me to have a look into your accounts in further detail, please don't hesitate to drop me a message and I'll do my best to help. -Ashleigh

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Re: 4G question, how is this possible?

You can't compare them side by side as there's far too many variables. Are they the same phone? Are they on the same software? Are they held exactly the same? Where is the internal antenna routed?


The only way possible perhaps is to swap the sims over.

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Re: 4G question, how is this possible?

There is a considerable difference in RF performance between phones that is rarely mentioned in reviews. Some of the most expensive phones including some iPhones are very poor on receive and it is easy to forget that a mobile phone is actually a radio transceiver - in fact what we used to call a walkie-talkie.