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4G not switching to <4G when no internet connectivity - Android

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4G not switching to <4G when no internet connectivity - Android


I've been a Plusnet mobile user from the start and have just got around to questioning this issue. I have 4G connectivity fine most of the time and my phones have happily switched between my home wifi and 4G when needed. However I notice that sometimes when I'm in a 4G blackspot with no connectivity, the phone is still showing I have a 4G connection and a signal from EE-Plusnet. At this point if I change the "Preferred network type" from "4G/3G/2G auto" to "3G/2G auto" then I either get a H or H+ signal and I can connect to the internet. So my question is why isn't it auto switching to a lesser connection on its own when 4G loses the internet connectivity? Is this a Plusnet issue or an Android issue and is there a fix? 

The phones I've experienced this on are; 

Vodafone Ultra Smart 6 : Android 5.1.1 

Moto Z : Android 7.1.1 



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Re: 4G not switching to <4G when no internet connectivity - Android

Hey Rob. I’ve tested this on my phone(iOS though) using plusnet mobile and it’s switching between 4G and 3G fine when there’s a stronger 3G signal than 4G.

Did you experience this issue before you signed up with us? Assuming you had a previous mobile provider that is.

Are you able to test this by putting your SIM card into a different phone handset(That supports 4G to 3G auto switching)? And/or using a different SIM in your handset?
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