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30 days contract - switching to new provider

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30 days contract - switching to new provider

Hi all,

I have 2 SIMs with Plusnet. However, I need to switch one SIM to another provider. I am on a monthly rolling contract, and I was wondering do I need to phone Plusnet to tell them that I need to move. Or if I simply ask PAC and provide it to the new provider, would this be okay? I assume when you switch and provide the PAC to another provider- the notice period is 14 days?  Can somebody help me with the process? 

Many thanks,



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Re: 30 days contract - switching to new provider


Good morning,

I think the best way is to obtain a new sim from your new chosen provider

When the sim card arrives make sure everything is working correctly there should be an email with a  link to give them a PAC code to keep your number

Text the short code 65075 to PN and you will receive a code very quickly 

PN allow you to use the short code which is strange because normally they don't

Email or call your new provider with code all sorted in a few days

The good news is you don't need to speak to anyone and if you use the short code route there is  no notice period and when you do the change there is any days left  on the account you will get a refund

I changed a few months ago to Lebara via a special deal with USwitch with no problems and did not need to speak to anyone at either PN or Lebara I am very pleased

Good luck with the switch