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10 days and counting

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Registered: ‎17-12-2018

10 days and counting

is it really acceptable to wait 10 days for a number port???

I have contacted customer services numerous times,, told the same story as everyone I read on here, error during process, escalated to technical dept. no explanation can be given and as one advisor pointed out there would be little point giving it as it I wouldn't understand it anyway.

last communication on phone to supervisor last Friday told me he would deal with this and get a response to me on Monday... this was true, the response being an email telling me I should get an update by the following Friday!

that will make it 14 days and still no port across. nearly xmas and all my business contacts not being able to reach me (and yes I could tell them all my new number but that is a significant inconvenience and as a port across should take 1 day I keep holding on optimistically to the hope it will happen at some point)

Do me proud????? I think not!



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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: 10 days and counting

Hi @clarkey1230 and welcome to the Community Forums.
I'm sincerely sorry for the delay in porting your previous number across to us and any inconvenience this may be causing. I have contacted out back end team regarding this ongoing delay with the specific network and number ports from them and they are still investigating and trying to resolve the problem. I'm sorry I don't have any meaningful update to give you at the moment but I'll be sure to keep tabs on this one and let you know via this thread the moment we have a update on getting this resolved for you.