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No Signal In America

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No Signal In America

I'm on a pay montly mobile sim and was recently out in Boston & New York and had zero signal or data. I tried the usual restart phone, enable roaming and even upped my Smart Cap to £10 just in case but got nothing the entire week I was there.


I'm heading out to LA/Vegas in a few days and need to ensure the same thing won't happen.


Any ideas?

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Re: No Signal In America

USA roaming can be a mine field...
Have you previously had a signal in the USA using the same phone using a different UK network?
The USA uses some frequency bands and modes which are not compatible with European phones.
Even iphones have different part numbers for each model in the USA and Europe.
What phone model do you use?
Plusnet use the EE network and I think EE partner with T mobile USA.
You can check your phone compatibility here:
By entering the phones IMEI number

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Re: No Signal In America

Yes been ages since I went to North America, but from I remember the signal quality can be patchy and it also depends on the device you're using. Not all mobiles can support the bands in the USA and Canada.

If you let us know what you're trying to use we can have a look, but it sounds like your mobile doesn't support North America bands.