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Quarantine and catchall

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Quarantine and catchall

To complete the set - where do quarantined emails go when you have quarantine on and catchall on and a spam is received for an unknown mailbox?
I have been very suspicious of a total lack of anything in any quarantine login, so earlier today on one of my domains I turned quarantine off and instead redirected to a specially created new mailbox. Within 2 hours a spam email arrived in that mailbox that should have been quarantined if quarantine was on (Bob if you want to look at the email it will be obvious to you which is the spam collection mailbox and the domain it relates to).
It has been suggested that the lack of spam is down to IronPort rejecting it. Lets consider the 'facts': in several days I have received no spam at all, but within two hours of me changing one of my domains to not use quarantine I receive a spam. Likely - I think not.
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Re: Quarantine and catchall

Hi jelv,
I suspect you now know the answer to this one following the PM I sent you and the post I made the other day in p.s.customer-feedback?
To paraphrase from that:
Quote from: Bob
Each local part (bit before the '@' sign) has it's own Quarantine. With catch-all the only address
you have a password for is the underlying mailbox address that your catch-all points to. Because of this, the only messages you will see when logging into will be the ones sent to the underlying mailbox name. You will have to use the daily summary notifications to release/view messages sent to any other addresses.
When we introduced IronPort, there *was* a centralised catch-all for Quarantine. To do this though we had to put some funky re-routing in place. It's this re-routing that caused this so we have since switched it off.  Downside of this is that you now have to rely on the spam notifications for catch-all mailboxes and any mailbox that you have a lot of aliases set up for.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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