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Plus Net Spam themselvs

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Plus Net Spam themselvs

I have just received an e-mail purportion to come from (Plus Net customer support ) telling me about Ironport & the changes to spam, but i found this message in the Spam folder! Is this an own goal or is it not actually from Plus Net?
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Community Gaffer
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Re: Plus Net Spam themselvs

Hi Les,
The notification emails were sent from but we haven't sent any for almost a week now Undecided What was the date of the email you received and are you able to forward me a copy (complete with headers)? During each send I also copied a test Plusnet account into the dataset  - None of the emails that were sent to that were identified as [-SPAM-] so at the moment I'm a little confused!

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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