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Guess where this email went?

Service: Email
Posted: Mon, Dec 29 2009 at 14:27:23
Subject: Possible Phishing warning: METRONET SUPPORT TEAM
We're making this post to warn you of a phishing email doing the rounds at the moment.
The email states that it has been sent from the Metronet Support Team and that you must reply with your username and password.
The content of the email may be similar to this:
Dear Subscriber,
'We are currently carrying-out a  mantainace
process to your account, to
complete this, you must reply to
this mail immediately, and enter your
User Name here (,,,,,,,,) And Password here
(.......)  if you are the rightful owner of
this account.'
If you have received this email, we advise you to delete it or to simply ignore it.
Metronet will never ask you to provide your password in written form. When we send you an email, we will always include your username on the email, along with our company footer at the bottom.
We'd advise you to not visit links in any emails you aren't expecting and make sure any anti-virus software on your computer is up to date.
Although the email is addressing Metronet customers in particular, we'd like to advise all of our customers to err on the side of caution when dealing with unexpected email requests.
Thanks for reading.
Kind Regards,
Chris Parr
Customer Support

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Re: Oops!

That's my fault for the wording of the email and it does actually contain some of the phishing contents from the original.  Embarrassed
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 Chris Parr
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