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Obligitory "hello" post...

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Obligitory "hello" post...

Hey all.

Joined PN a few days ago and spent most of that time tripping over network cables.

Old BT equipment wasn't strong enough wifi to reach from my Master Socket to my main machine, so had to get one of those annoying "disks" as a Wireless Access point.

So had to jury-rig my new PN router with network cables to get everything connected.

And yesterday I got the returns bag from BT and a list of items to return, Including a HH3 I forgot i still had!! So when I was looking for that old HH3 i came across my old HG612 box.

So a few google's and a firmware flash later.. I have a nice HG612 hidden away next to the master socket and the PN router in the hall outside my living room via a Power-line adapter. Perfect Wifi across the whole house now! and less cables to trip over!

So Lesson for the day!

Check your old boxes and storage bins.You never know what you might find...


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