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Made it!

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Made it!

Finally got in, after trying to reset the password on 3 different email addresses .  Bit of a flaw on that front as the forum s/w doesn't alert you when you try an addy that it's never heard of before.  You can put anything you want in, and it'll cheerfully tell you it's sent you a reset email.  However I'm guessing that the backend then rejects the email address as unknown...but doesn't inform you.


The only way I knew was when I put the correct address in more by luck than judgement and suddenly got an email to that account.  

And now I'm here...back to lurking for the foreseeable.  Why did I bother, I wonder?

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Re: Made it!

'Welcome back' @lorisarvendu to 'the future'.

Call me 'w23'
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