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Hi each and everyone.

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Hi each and everyone.

Hello all, shazzy's other half here. I worked it out and finally got here. Wink 

i'm an absolute fishing freak that is also an IT technician (retired) due to fishing Grin, but also likes photography. 

Dunno if it matters but there you go.


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Re: Hi each and everyone.

Welcome to the forum @Pete11

Glad you two managed to sort out your accounts.

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Re: Hi each and everyone.

Welcome to the forums @Pete11

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Re: Hi each and everyone.

Hey @Pete11

A warm welcome to the community, if there's anything you need help with just let me know.
I'm joining the Plusnet Help Team as of May. As such, I now have a new forum account. Please direct any queries to @Gandalf. Thanks

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