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Hi all!

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Hi all!


I feel I should have got in earlier as there are only so many ways of saying hello!

I'm Scott and I've been at Plusnet for 4 years and have worked in tech support, QA and currently in Information Security. You may have seen me around the forums at various points in the past but less so recently (a certain ISP increased my workload late last year).

Outside of work I'm a big gamer, mainly PS4 at the moment. I also play lacrosse and do bits of volunteering here and there as well as some talks around security.

The main thing I'm looking forward to with the new community is not having to look through SMF and WordPress patch notes as much!
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Re: Hi all!

Hi Scott, nice to see you here Thumbs_Up I hope you'll visit some more Wink

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Re: Hi all!

Hi Scott,

Welcome back.  Don't worry about not having to keep mugged up on SMF, you can instead fill your time reading all of the ignored user enhancement requests in the lithium community! Thumbs_Up

One of the great things about SMF being largely open source, there were lots of sources of useful extensions available.  However we are now in a very different place.  Let's hope all of the claimed benefits can now be delivered promptly.

Are you able to tell us how the stats collection is progressing?  Does it yet indicate the volume of topics not being touched by PlusNET staff pointing towards a need for more resources here?

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Hi all!

Welcome back.

Have you been recently active in the forum?