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Helloo :)

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Helloo :)

Hey Everyone,
I'm Sarah, I've been working here at LIFE for almost 6 months now on Live Chat and Social Media. Now we're Plusnet I'm looking forward to chatting to all you lovely Plusnet folks! Onwards and Upwards Smiley 

 Sarah Stewart
 Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Helloo :)

Welcome to Plusnet Smiley we promise we're a nice bunch of people

 Paul Tarr
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Re: Helloo :)

Another new face... a very warm welcome, Sarah.


Deep down we are a nice bunchWink

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Re: Helloo :)

Im nice but im not sure about those other 2 above me, Welcome Wink 

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Re: Helloo :)

Hello and Welcome!

I've been off the boards for awhile, so who / what's LIFE?  Is that some party PN has acquired to deliver the mobile phone service?

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Plusnet Staff
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Re: Helloo :)

Welcome @SarahStewart Grin


Pretty much, @Townman Life Mobile has now become part of the Plusnet brand. Welcome back, btw. Smiley

From when I joined the Plusnet Help Team in May 2017 my main Community account is @Gandalf.
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 Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: Helloo :)

Very pleased to meet you SarahStewart,

I am Quickbrew, a 70 year old disabled pensioner whose family lovingly call 'Grumpy'. (I am not really unless treated like an idiot 😊)

I have jumped ship from Sky ADSL2+ to Plusnet's FTTC having had various ISPs' going right back to the days of Telewest and Freeserve. Been told by email I am going live on valentine's day but there are many posts on the community suggesting fulfilment of this advisement is unlikely - I am not one to prejudge a relationship with Plusnet before it has started so I hope all the negative posts are wrong.

Hope I don't need to get to know you and your coleagues too well or too often.

I am reassured by your and the other introductions that all the negative posts are down to the human trend of being quick to complain and all to slow to praise.

I trust my comments for the future will all be the latter.

Best wishes 😊📞
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