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Hello and Merry Christmas

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Hello and Merry Christmas

Thought I should introduce myself too.

I'm Steve. I've worked at Plusnet, just coming up to 6 years now in a number of roles.

  • Customer Services
  • Technical Support
  • Phone and Broadband Faults
  • Business Support
  • High Level Escalations
  • Products
  • Networks

I'm currently on the Network Migration team moving the majority of our customers from WBMC Shared to WBMC Dedicated network.

Due to the varied roles I've had here, I have a broad knowledge of pretty much everything (except software).  Pretty sure that some of you know me already, but for those that don't, feel free to ask for help anytime.

All that's left now is to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Re: Hello and Merry Christmas

Welcome @scrookes

And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you

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Re: Hello and Merry Christmas

 Hi Steve, welcome to the forums and let me know if you need anything Wink

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Re: Hello and Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Cheesy

This is my personal Community Forum account to help out around these parts while I'm at home. If I'm posting from the 1st March 2020, this means I'm off-duty with no access to internal systems.
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Re: Hello and Merry Christmas

Hi Steve,

Good to see you back on the forums.  Hope you have a great new year!

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Re: Hello and Merry Christmas

Hello scrookes,

It is brilliant finding you and your colleagues in these introduction pages.
I Hope I don't need to call on your kind services but rest asdured if I do it will be genuinely necessary.
I am our family tech guru and granddad to four grandchildren from 20 years downwards who all bring their tech problems to me.

I am also a disabled 70 year old pensioner and an original Grumpy old man, but only grumpy when I am treated unfairly or unreasonably.

I am also a confirmed pragmatist and understand that problems can and do occur, particularly when OpenReach are required as part of the solution.

Great finding you on the community pages and with the greatest of respect, I hope I don't talk to you very much 📞😊
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