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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Hi all!

I'm Rebeka, I suppose I'm the youngest of the group when it comes to the LIFE Mobile *cough* Plusnet crew! I've been working here since 1st August this year (talk about specifics!) and I couldn't be more happier to join the Plusnet family! Who doesn't love a bit of Plusnet pink! 

Anyways, now that the "Hello, I'm over here" is out the way, give me a shout if you ever need anything, I'm always happy to help. Smiley


Go go Plusnet Joe! Thumbs Up

 Rebeka Preston
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Boo!

Welcome to the fold, Rebeka.


We're a crazy bunch but pretty harmlessCheesy


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Re: Boo!

Welcome Wink 

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Re: Boo!

Hi RebekaPreston,

I am so pleased finding so many of the Plusnet gang in these introduction pages. It pleases me no end to have so many reassurances from you all, particularly after interacting with community members on this thread

I am a fair minded and easy to get along with guy as I hope my posts reflect and my decision to switch to Plusnet was from comments on technical forums one of which I used to moderate so I really do appreciate finding this introduction to the Plusnet gang.

I also persuaded my daughter and her husband to switch from Sky and they are supposed to go Plusnet FTTC + phone - live on valentines day too.

Great to meet you but respectfully hope not to get to talk with you for techical difficulties too often.

Kind regards 📞😊
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