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[webmail] - @mail

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[webmail] - @mail @mail is one of the most feared names within PlusNet thanks to the problems encountered last year. However, since then @mail has been completely rewritten and looks entirely different. It now supports an AJAX interface, and is coded in PHP.
The interface, though supporting right hand clicks to access functionality, does not support drag and drop. It is also very unlikely that we could ever support @mail on the PlusNet platform again due to the bad name it now has with us. It must, though, be looked at as it is one of the most complete email web systems around, with a number of years of experience. PlusNet can also get support for the system, though our experience says that it is not easy to integrate into our platform.
Edit: Fixed link - David (spraxyt)
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Re: [webmail] - @mail

When we looked at the PHP version last year, it appeared to be a convert of the Perl app to PHP, rather than a rewrite.  Has a separate rewrite occurred?
Kelly Dorset
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