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[webmail] - OpenXchange

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Registered: 17-09-2007

[webmail] - OpenXchange OpenXchange is very much like Zimbra. It again is a full mail platform replacement, with POP/IMAP functionality that provides integration with email clients like Outlook.
This system is very much a finished product. It is possible to skin the look for the purposes of branding, but modifying its functionality would not be easy. Also, switching over to OpenXchange would not be a simple task as all the existing email would need to be ported, and this would lock us into using OpenXchange from this point.
My testing of OpenXchange impressed me with its interface. However, the Vmware demo didn't have anyway to attach an alternative email source. Therefore, I would have to conclude that all email would have to be migrated to OpenXchange prior to deployment, and with well over 500K mailboxes this is not something that would be taken lightly.
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