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[webmail] - Claros intouch

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Registered: 17-09-2007

[webmail] - Claros intouch Intouch 2.1 was attempted to be tested. It is a java based system, which uses tomcat as its interface to the browser. Testing failed as it crashed tomcat in Debian, by which I mean it caused tomcat to fail and die each time it was started, and before any pages were even served.
2.1 is suppose to be the stable version of this product, but 2.2 will also be tested shortly as it looks like it may be a better platform in the long run.
No additional comments can be made at the moment due to the lack of experience with intouch. Please provide feed back if you can add anything about this system as I need to know as to if this should be pursued.
Edit: Fixed link - David (spraxyt)