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scam phone calls

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scam phone calls

Hi just had another funny scamming caller.  Our first scammer was from our council asking us to pay the out standing unpaid amount.  To continue press 1. Dont owe them a penny spoke to council not them.   second call asked for us in name.    some one as just spent on our credit card to the sum of £600 and  to un authorise  press 1.    Did not  3rd call again some one has pent on our credit card £600 to un authorise press 1.   again did not  today caller just said   Bye?????  So I am going to list on my post it shopping note a scammers number list and will re post if they continue. 


thankfully I had read that some scammers are ringing and hanging up so that when you redial to see whom Huh your redirected to an expensive charging number. So ignored the bye. also.     Plus net please stop !!!!!!!!Ticked_off


Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: scam phone calls

Hi @Raya27


Thanks for getting in touch on the Forum. I am very sorry that you are receiving these calls, it is difficult for us to prevent all of the scam calls as the numbers change regularly, however I would suggest adding our Plusnet Call Protect feature to your line. This includes a regularly updated list of number that we automatically block along with giving you the option to manually block numbers yourself if there are any others that you don't wish to receive. You can add this by following the link HERE


If you need any further help just let us know.