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same phone number

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same phone number

I have been on Plusnet now for 3 months with no problems, but recently I have been receiving calls for a local church near me.

I have checked online and the church does seem to have the same telephone number as myself. I keep getting phones calls asking me about church services.

what can I do?

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Re: same phone number

How long have you had your phone number? It is physically impossible for two lines to have the same identification.

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Re: same phone number


Have you received calls which were intended for you and not the god squad?

i.e. is your number actually what you think it is?

If you're not 100% sure, dial 17070 and listen to the number announced to you.


Edit: as @jab1 mentioned above, how long  you've had your number could be relevant as it may have just been released from its previous 'owner'.

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Re: same phone number

I had something similar - I was allocated a phone number when I moved in here, the number turned out to be the old fax number of a local bussines.
Unfortunately they still used old invoices showing the fax number. This became a problem when a debt or two was called in.
Several phone calls later stern words were passed on, no phone caĺls since then 🙂