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"How did we do today?"

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"How did we do today?"

Does anyone else get phone calls starting with this sentence?

I received 2 calls today. In both cases the (impossible to understand) woman said she was ringing on behalf of BT and wanted my opinion on their performance (pardon?????nothing's been done by BT and I will never ever be a BT customer....). I put the phone down.

The second call (again no number and same woman) was about our broadband speed and performance. (My husband took the call and handed it over to me) When I told her that I wasn't interested in phishing calls etc. she hang up on me.


Any idea what to make of it? We are off register plus registered with the (whatstheirname?) no-cold-calls registry.


Thanks for suggestions


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Re: "How did we do today?"

The opt out register only affects UK businesses. So you can still get phone calls from companies outside of the UK.


Also if you have had business dealings with a UK company they do not have to follow the opt out database as that is classed as you having given them permission to call you .

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Re: "How did we do today?"

Yes always hang up on those along with callers who ask questions before explaining who they are.

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Re: "How did we do today?"

To be honest it is becoming commonly more frequent that these companies are finding new ways to contact you because it happens to my self as well. I would just make sure any websites that you visit where you enter your details that your checking that you don't want to be contacted.

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Re: "How did we do today?"

Any website where a telephone number has to be entered before progressing usually gets 01234567890Wink

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Re: "How did we do today?"

... which is a potentially valid Bedford phone number in a block allocated to Net Solutions Europe Limited!

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Re: "How did we do today?"

Probably better to select from the drama set Smiley


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Re: "How did we do today?"

Might I suggest that you purchase a BT8500 Call Guardian telephone, it can be set up to completely block or announce all sorts of unwanted calls, it's highly customisable, we are no longer bothered by these nuisance calls.


I think it might have been replaced by BT's new 8600.

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Re: "How did we do today?"

I should have mentioned that in order for the BT 8500 to work properly, you will need to have Caller Display enabled, Plusnet charge 0.99p per month for this, well worth it in my opinion.

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Re: "How did we do today?"

I'm sorry Jule, but you are still a BT customer, PlusNet was acquired by the BT Group in 2007. If you are feeling hard done by because of an unsolicited phonecall, then think on this. I have been with PlusNet for over a year now, I am moving house within a week and going on holiday immediately afterwards. So I contacted PlusNet earlier to cancel my phone and BB at my current address, only to be told that I am liable for a £30 charge for the pleasure of cancelling my contract, which has been fully honoured by me. The PlusNet advisor told me that this was as a result of BT charging them, hence they would be passing on the charge directly to me. Needless to say, I will not be going back to PlusNet on my return from holiday, and I am taking this up with the regulator, as this must mean that BT still has a monopoly on the telephone network within the UK still, and we were all led to believe that this is no longer the case. Particularly galling when you consider that they are in fact, one and the same company in reality!

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Re: "How did we do today?"

Personally, when a site demands a phone number and I don't want to give ours, I lift one from the leaflets the local carry-outs stuff through our letterbox.    Roll_eyes