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"Home Phone - Cancellation stopped"

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"Home Phone - Cancellation stopped"



I am trying to migrate my Plusnet fibre broadband and landline to another provider, and failing...

Two different providers have told me they have not been able to transfer the services as Plusnet is rejecting the transfer. Each time this happens I get an email from Plusnet with the subject "Home Phone - Cancellation stopped".

The latest provider (EE) have told me a bit more detail, that Openreach have reported that Plusnet is rejecting the request for a Porting DN.

I've tried Plusnet customer services, but they've only reported that there is no reason they would be rejecting the order.

Where does that leave me...stuck with Plusnet?

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Re: "Home Phone - Cancellation stopped"

I suggest you report them to OFCOM:

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Re: "Home Phone - Cancellation stopped"

Hi there,

Sorry for the issues you're experiencing transferring out.


I've checked and can see the outbound requests, however I can't find any 'cancel 3rd party order' requests which would show if it was ourselves cancelling this.

It's likely that the issue is down to the number port and they aren't something we can cancel as the rangeholder is with  BT already, your new provider would need to speak to Openreach's number porting team to find out what's happening as we're not cancelling these orders.

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