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premium rate calls

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premium rate calls

on this weeks rip off Britain it was shown that telephone lines can be hacked, and premium rate calls made by other people. The resulting bill must be paid for by the customer. A suggested way of avoiding this happening is to block all premium rate calls. The answer I got for doing this was "Plusnet does not offer the option to bar outgoing calls." Where then is my protection against this happening to me.? The charges can be quite hefty, going into the hundreds of pounds.
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: premium rate calls

Hi jonesy1,
Thank you for voicing your concerns about this. Its not an uncommon question about blocking outgoing calls as there are some points which are mentioned about dementia sufferers and children calling numbers from there landlines.  As regards to lines been hacked this is a very rare question because of the rarity of this happening just purely because of the logistics of having to hack some ones line, but we will take all questions into consideration especially for feedback purposes to our products team.
You are correct that we do not offer outgoing call blocking as a feature and we aren't looking into offering this for the foreseeable future but I will certainly pass your question as feedback.