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permenant call barring

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permenant call barring

Before I took out a contract with plus net  in Feb12 the first question i asked the online sales advisor was as this is for a student house can I have a phone line that does not allow  outgoing calls
The very specific reply I got was ' yes you can request permanent call barring '
When I today called plus net to request this  i was told that plus net did not offer this facility  Angry
Looking through the various posts on this forum and the replies from plus net staff there seems to be conflicting views
incidently the plus net guy suggestion was to set the call limit to zero and incurr a 5.76 charge every month a student trys to make a call !!!
I am very unhappy with this situstion as if the original sales person had been truthfull i would not have signed with plusnet
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Re: permenant call barring

Technically we can do this, but there is a chance that our billing automation could cause it to be removed.
If you understand and accept that you might have to check this periodically, I'm happy to bar all outbound calls for you.
Edit: By "this" I mean to manually turn on call barring.