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number transfer mess

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number transfer mess

One week before my 12 month contract with Sky was due to end I applied to switch broadband and telephone to plusnet through Quidco. I did NOT contact Sky to cancel.  I  left it to Plusnet to handle the migration. I noticed that in the email from Plusnet confirming the transfer date of my phone line it was for a completely different number. I called today and was told the order had been put through for a new number because the application to import the existing number had been rejected. According to Plusnet, Sky had not released the number. I called Sky and they confirmed they had received notification of the line takeover and the date of the transfer of my existing number. They denied blocking the number transfer and stated that as far as they are concerned it would be migrated on the date given by Plusnet. Plusnet now say that my existing number can be imported after all but the line service will start with the new number and that after a couple of days my existing number will be reassigned to it. They refused to confirm in writing that I will get my existing number back.  I then received a phone call from them saying that they could cancel the order and start a new one making sure this time the number is imported.  They reluctantly agreed to put this in writing.  They said however that I would have to contact Quidco about whether or not I would lose the cashback by doing this.  This seems ridiculous to me since ultimately it is Plusnet who have to authorise or decline and pay over (or not) the cashback to Quidco.
I have to say I am completely hacked off. So much for the glowing reputation for customer service. Nobody bothered to alert me to the fact that there was a problem or that I face a two (or more) day period of limbo with my phone service. Nobody is prepared to confirm anything about my number and nobody has apologised for the fact that obviously there has been a screw up at their end. I thought I was escaping Sky to a decent provider. So far it has been nothing but stress and nasty surprises.
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Re: number transfer mess

Not that it will be of any solace to you, but my number transferred from Sky okay. That said, I checked with PN first that it could be done, then badgered a CS rep on TBB who oversaw the migration.
If you start again, I would hazard a guess that your Quidco will be rejected as it takes about 3 months from tracking to be paid anyhow. Depends what offers they have on Quidco now as to whether it is worth the risk of signing up again.