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noisy phone line nd no customer support.

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noisy phone line nd no customer support.

As some clever dick on here suggested this problem has a better chnce of being answered if I post a new topic, here it is:

I have a noisy phone line. We had a simliar issue about eight months ago, it had been raining a lot. I have just gone on line and gone through the BS check this, check that prompts. I then go to the screen that says it will check my line.

Eventually it tells me there is a problem (Well done Sherlock). and I should phone the 0800 number. Due to CV-19, they are not taking calls.

So, I get everyone needs to stay at home, or work from home. Plus net are allegedly an ISP provider and as such would be better placed than most to get all their support staff to work from home, i.e. answering a phone, and using VPN to remote into a machine in their office. Why have they not set this up???

This is what my company has set up, so all of us engineers can continue to design our products.

So my noisy line, that also drops out for five minutes or more every hour looks like it will not or cannot be fixed until this crisis is over. Anyone have a crystal ball to tell me when that might be?

Plus net have been useless since we signed up with them. One month left of my contract that I cannot wait to get out of.

How is this going to be fixed if I can't tell anyone about it?