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new customer - how can I find out when my phone will be working?

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Registered: ‎11-07-2020

new customer - how can I find out when my phone will be working?

We switched from VM yesterday.

As soon as I connected the router (saw the email that BB was connected when I got up), we had fast, solid broadband. Did a speed test: 30mbits down, 10mbits up - perfect.

The Openreach engineer arrived around 11am to connect our landline (not connected for a year, since we took the VM service). He replaced the main socket, did some tests and told us there was a problem with the line*. He went away, returned with a colleague and did some work outside, then told us that it needed more work and should be fixed tomorrow (i.e. today).

I received an email saying "Unfortunately, there's been a delay to the order for your telephone service.
We'll contact you again once we have more details about this."

We've heard nothing since, and I haven't been able to contact anyone in support.

*As well as having no landline, since the engineer visit, our initially excellent BB speed has been reduced to a limping 4mbit/2mbit.

Come on folks, we moved to this company because we expected better treatment.

How do I raise a 'Ticket' for this?



A Browne