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do i need to get a new number?

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Registered: ‎07-04-2020

do i need to get a new number?

Hi, I would try to speak to support with this one, but understandably they are hard to get hold of at the moment. 

So last year we moved to plusnet from virgin however once live we found we only got 17mbs which is basically unusable in my household.  So I've still got 9 months of my contract with plusnet I'm going to have to pay for, but I've gone back to Virgin with my tall between my legs and signed up for Virgins 200Mbs service (particularly why everyone is at home).  my landline number will move to Virgin, but i've got the impression that the process might shutdown my fixed lines with plusnet which I don't want to happen. If I've got to pay for it, then I plan to use the 17mbs for me so I can use it for work. I assume I need a number with it (but never use the phone for outbound calls so dont care about it as it will not have anything connected).  does anyone understand how this works behind the scenes? will I just get a new one allocated?


PS I do need between 100 and 200 mb broadband as there are 6 people, prime, netflix, 2 smart TVs,  xbox One, ps 4, gaming PC, 6 phones, 4 tablets, 4 more laptops and about 4 tables, plus various cloud services lol. How did that all happen..... the 4 kids seem to burn through 400-500GB of data a month and they then all have unlimited data on their phones doing about 50-100GB a month each..... God know what they are doing with them..... I remeber when my 9600K dial up was just fine.... 🙂 Hopefully once 5G rolls out Virgin with have to be more competitive on price.