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disable person and wife with cancer left with no phone

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disable person and wife with cancer left with no phone

our phone line stopped working today told it will be 3 days before its fixed we have no mobile phone nearest public phone 3 miles away thats if its working plusnet said we are not a walfare risk wife has just come out of royal marsden cancer hospital after having a major op for cancer 3 times this last 5 days had to call doctor out as she took poorly in middle of night how can these uncaring people say we are not a walfare risk as soon as our phone is fix i will be ringing costomer uncaring to tell them to shove their phone service where the sun dont shine
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: disable person and wife with cancer left with no phone

Hi, I can assure you that we would have certainly raised a welfare case on this if we were able to, however it does not meet the criteria that Openreach set. Unfortunately we can't raise the case unless it meets the criteria for the case to be raised.
Here is a direct quote from the openreach website:
Please be aware that the person must live alone and the fault has led to a total loss of service; we will not accept noisy faults as a welfare case.
Customer must not have a mobile phone (excluding those with a careline pendant) in order to meet the criteria and must be currently living in the Service address.
This applies to all PSTN products

Again, it is not that we don't care, or that we don't want to get this resolved as soon as possible for you. It is simply a case of not being able to raise the welfare case.
I do hope your fault is resolved swiftly.
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 Harry Beesley