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calling out diverted to plusnet

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calling out diverted to plusnet

each time i call out im diverted to plusnet and usually always when in a hurry. i havent been able to phone out for sometime which doesnt bother me as i detest speaking on the phone if dont have to but online chat unavailable too. anyone know if can resolve this quickly and as hassle free as i can. my bill due next few days and will be up to date. paying line rental and features but cant use the phone. Pls help

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Re: calling out diverted to plusnet

Diverts like this only usually occur if your service is restricted for either not paying the bill or hitting your calling limit. If your not making calls it won't be the latter.

Unsure of the situation here from your post-are you saying you'll be up to date from billing date? In other words-do you owe them money at the minute? If yes then you've only got 2 options-pay the bill, or call them and ask whether they'd do an extension for you, which would depend on your past billing with them.

If you're up to date, chances are it's a hangover from a late bill previously but never picked up since you dont use the phone.

A staffer here will likely be able to look into it, but since this is likely billing related they'll not be able to talk about it on the forum (personal details) so I'd run through that divert and deal with this with the support team that answers.
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Re: calling out diverted to plusnet

Hi @shjajo,


I've fixed this for you. It looks partly to have been an error our side so you should be free to make calls within the hour. As @Kdog has advised I can't go into specifics on the forum about what caused it in the first place but I'm more than happy to create a ticket on the account advising if you'd like a full explanation?