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audible line interference and out going calls

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audible line interference and out going calls

Hi. Just joined the forum today, but have been registered  with Plusnet fpr 7 years. They offer a great service BUT when you need to change things for me anyway it all goes pear shaped! Until recently I had two phone lines coming into the house, one I really didn’t need. We moved to our property in July 2010. Since then on three occasions I have attempted to just have one line. In August I tried again, but the speed on line A was so bad and that was after BT had dug up the road, ordered some equipment, it still did not improve. I had had both lines on Plusnet DSL as a precaution I wasn’t confident that the transfer would go ‘seamlessly’ and I was right. I got 1.6-2.3 Mbps on line A but on line B which was a new installed line (when I moved in) I was getting 6.2 to 6.6Mbps not bad and I’m in the sticks. So for me it was a no brainer, but my wife wanted the original number (line A) as it was registered with her professional bodies etc. So we that’s Plusnet and I agreed to port the number to line B, a logical move. But after that which happened a month or so ago, my wife (who is hard of hearing) has had consistent problems with 1) making outside calls, lets say it’s erratic and 2) even more important the line interference or static background noise has been consistently there. So I have been reporting this to Plusnet for 3 weeks plus (you have to see the log of the call and mails to believe it). Then on Friday after my wife gave up trying to make a call I again sat on call waiting for 20+ mins to get this sorted, and would not be put off by “I’ll have to talk to technical etc” and I got through to a team leader. We talked it through and he said (we’d done all the tests from the NTE5 box at the start of the problem) if the static is not there when you plug into the inner box, it’s the I Plate and it’s your problem’! I replied it’s a pity you didn’t tell me that back in Mid October. So I did some research, ‘I plate’ I’d never heard of the term. Then it occurred to me I’ll swap over the I Plates, if it’s faulty I’ll know pretty quickly. Guess what no change, so it’s not the I Plate, or are they both faulty. People like a BT Openreach engineer and Maplin both whom I’ve spoken to said it must be internal wiring. But after pondering the whole thing it can’t be as all that’s changed is the number! So my question is to anyone out there is it me aka my house wiring or BT Openreach? I've aslo posted this on ThinkBroadand's forum &
I'm not giving up! Cheers BC ps I use Skype and have no phone problems 

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: audible line interference and out going calls

Hi beecee,
I'm really sorry to hear about that. Your fault is still open so I've passed it to one of our experienced phone fault agents who will push this on for you and hopefully arrange for an engineer visit. He should be in touch with you shortly.