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Why did I switch to PlusNet.

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Why did I switch to PlusNet.

Only been connected for about 3 weeks but I am regretting it already. The phone is useless. Noisy crackling from the connection, unable to use the phone.. When I phoned and arraned an engineer I was told I may have to pay a£65 charge when I refused the call was cancelled and the operator said there was a fault in the local area which should have been fixed by 26/01/2017. Obviously not fixed. I contacted them yesterday via email asked for it to be forwarded to Andy Baker . I received a call today asking me to pull the front off the socket and plug a different phone into the rear socket. Fault still there . An engineer was booked and I was advised that as the fault was not in my system I would not have to pay the £65.

However the email that I received stated that I agreed to a £65 charge because they tested the line and No fault was found. That is a lie, I never agreed to the charge because the fault is not in my system. The main box was replaced if there was a fault in the line from the TG pole to my house it should have been replaced when they connected the line. I paid £89 for the connection.

I can assure Plus Net that if they mess me about they will regret it. Ofcom is my next point of contact. I used to be with Virgin who do not try and get an extra £65 when there is a problem on the line. The only reason I switched is because I am moving and Virgin do not cover the area that I am moving to. I also  know a senior telephone  technician and if there is any argument I will get him to check out my system and complete a report. I am not paying the £65 ransome . The fault is not in my system. The fault has been on my line since its installation what a joke this company is.

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Re: Why did I switch to PlusNet.

The charge is imposed by OPENREACH; try an alternative handset in the TEST SOCKET in master socket.
If no noise evident, indicates fault in your internal wiring that your BT friend may be able to sort.
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Re: Why did I switch to PlusNet.

Looks like some retaining might be required for the agents you have been dealing with. IIRC what you should have been told is that if you have followed the PN fault finding procedures there is a very small chance of being charged for a visit. If you disconnect all other equipment and use the test socket behind the faceplate then there is nothing but BT wireing connected so that there is no chance of your equipment being at fault. I also believe that an agent would no ask for agreement to pay in advance, it's only after remote fault-finding is exhausted and your equipment is proved that be at fault. There are cases on the forum where the charge was waived anyway.

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Re: Why did I switch to PlusNet.

I tested the main socket on the first day and keep telling them that the fault is not in my equipment but I left it for a few days before my second complaint as I thought it may settle down.

The agents make you agree to paying £65 if the engineer  considers the fault to be in your system. During the last call I made it I clearly stated that I would not pay £65 but on the copy of the booking email it clearly states that the customer agreed to pay £65 if the fault was not in Plus net equipment. How can it be in my equipment when nothing is connected?

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Re: Why did I switch to PlusNet.

The engineer charge that is applied should the fault lie with your equipment should be avoidable. We ask that you try the test socket and a different phone handset (if applicable) to help avoid the charge.

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Re: Why did I switch to PlusNet.

Under no circumstances pay this charge if it is raised. There was clearly a line fault from the start.

It is a disgrace that you had to pay for a line "installing" which was probably already there. Some other companies do not charge this to the customer and why should they?? The equipment (piece of wire) that they "install" belongs to them!!

Please notify Ofcom about what happened to you. Only complaints to the regulator will reduce these rip-offs and poor service by telecomms companies.