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Where has usage info gone?

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Where has usage info gone?


Since the changes over the weekend to sections of the My account page I can't access my phone usage.


It used to be available simply by clicking on 'Recent usage' and then selecting my phone number and then it could be seen in hours and minutes.


Now we are required to click on 'Billing and payments' and then click on 'Unbilled calls' and then click on Export for an Excel download. The usage for me (from the 25th of Aug) isn't there and blank by the way.


Why has it been changed to a worse service? Could my suggestion to change it back be passed on to the relevant department please, it's quicker and easier to see a breakdown of usage by simply clicking on a tab and going to it!




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Re: Where has usage info gone?

It's the new improved billing system that has just been introduced. Unfortunately it is full of bugs and extremely broken but I expect PlusNet will sort it out in few years.Wink

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Re: Where has usage info gone?

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