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Waiting to get a new line dug and connected to my house

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Waiting to get a new line dug and connected to my house

Hi All


I originally ordered Plusnet to be installed on the 31/7/16. In the following few weeks, three sets of engineers came around to my house (a 1980's build) to try and find the line that should be running into my flat. It was then found that somewhere below the floor the line had been pulled out and so another one was going to have to have been dug into my house from the roadside in pavement junction box.


I've been waiting almost three months now for broadband to be installed. Openreach are now delaying by 5 days and providing an update every 5 days, basically telling me (via plusnet) that the work needs to be done, but telling me to check back for an update in 5 days. Apparently the appropriate permissions have been granted and now an engineer has been assigned to carry out the digging work, I was wondering how long this could take?


Its impossible to get an answer out of either Plusnet, and its impossible for Plusnet to ask Openreach as Openreach seem to give Plusnet the same answer over and over again. 


My flat is located in Bedford.  



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Waiting to get a new line dug and connected to my house


The update we got last week was that Openreach are expecting their contractors to carry out the ducting work by today and requested we check back for further updates tomorrow.


I do appreciate it's frustrating, but at this stage we can only provide updates we're given by our suppliers and our suppliers in turn can only really give updates they're given by the contractors who are carrying out the work.

I'd like to be able to give an estimate based on previous experience dealing with these types of orders, however I seen orders take a couple of weeks to have this type of work completed and others that have taken much longer than you've already been waiting.


I do sincerely apologise for the delays you're experiencing, however I can assure you that we're doing all we can to stay on top of our suppliers to try and ensure this is carried out as soon as possible.

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 Harry Beesley