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Waiting for phone line after due date

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Waiting for phone line after due date

Hi all
as a new customer I took a morning off work today to be available as my line was being installed but nothing happened. No updates from PlusNet. When I called (lengthy process) I was told there were problems, mine not withstanding. Is this usual for PlusNet and what should I do- waste another working day? There is no online help.
Sorry but I am very frustrated Cry and hope someone can help,
thanks for reading! joe
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Waiting for phone line after due date

Hi shantijoe,
I'm really sorry to hear about your experience with your line being installed today.
I can see Ticket: 82239838 open on your account and this has been forwarded to our dedicated Supplier Team who chase our suppliers for updates when they're needed. They work to provide you with an update within 24-48 working hours of the Ticket being created. You should hear back from them tomorrow regarding this once they have more information of how we should proceed. They will attempt to call you on the number(s) we have on the account and if they can't get through to you then they should leave you a voice-mail and send you a text message if we have a mobile number on the account.
Hopefully this should be resolved for you soon.