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Waiting for Openreach

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Waiting for Openreach

Wondered if anyone has had this. I was told by plusnet to stay in today between 1-6pm for the engineer as Openreach were adamant that they required access to connect my already installed line. The phone has been working for two days now and I already received my email today telling me that the line is active. Do i still have to wait in all day or was the information incorrect in the first place...
Waited so long for this and then they tell me that BB will take another week, crazy, I registered for service in January and live in a City centre so what's the delay? Couldn't they activate BB from the same exchange?
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Re: Waiting for Openreach

Hi there,
I'll check this for sure for you tomorrow but it looks like an error in the ordering system (showing your line as ceased when it wasn't). The broadband order will take 7 days I'm afraid (if we'd know it would take this long we could have placed the BB order to be simultaneous, but cancelling the phone and placing this type of order would have extended the lead time even further).
If you can let me know a good time to call I'd be happy to call and explain things properly tomorrow.