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Voicemail alert on home phone

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Voicemail alert on home phone

My daughter, is, like myself, a Plusnet Broadband and Home Phone user.  I have been a Plusnet customer for a number of years whereas she has been with Plusnet for a couple of months.  She is complaining to me that she does not get an alert if a voicemail message has been left on her home phone.  She was previously with Sky and her voicemail worked ok then.  I believe she has an in built message recorder but she tells me this is switched off.  When she dials 1571 she is able to pick up messages.  Should she get an interrupted dial tone when a voicemail message has been left for her?   If so, is there a reason she does not seem to have that alert? 

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Re: Voicemail alert on home phone

Hi @trymyluck,


As far as I'm aware there should be an interrupted dial tone for new/un-read(listened) messages but not if there are just old messages stored that have been listened to previously.


I'd be happy to try removing the call feature to see if this resolves the issue if you could PM me the username for the account in question, or your daughter can try this online by removing the call feature Here and re-adding it after a few hours Here.


I hope this helps.

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