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Unable to update "Question"

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Registered: ‎29-09-2019

Unable to update "Question"

I received information via email regards issue with phone line which I opened few weeks ago. Openreach engineer which visited our home decides that issue is on my side and then you will apply £65 charge to my account. 

OK, if he said so, but I would like to see results from tests which Openreach engineer performed which proves that problem is on my side as he haven't provide to my any of them and just said that there is no fault up to main socket.

In email from you, there is "question" number with information that I can update it with additional information but it is impossible as there is no way to do it.

Now my question is: how I can get results from tests performed by Openreach engineer ? 
I'm quite technical (unless 20 year of experience with system and network design and administration doesn't count) and I usually don't believe in empty words. Additional it's hard to believe that cabling which works without issue for around 10 years  magically start causing issues (2 wires  start causing loop) which only affect phone connection but doesn't affect VDSL one.