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Unable to dial certain numbers

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Registered: ‎17-02-2016

Unable to dial certain numbers

My phone service seems to be playing up. I get NU as soon as I dial 08 or 017 - but I can dial 0118 xxx xxxx. This happens using different telephone handsets.  Looked at Plusnet site but no issues reported for voice. Tried to report a problem but chatline's down and I can't dial either of the Plusnet  numbers as I get NU on both. Usd my mobile phone to get the 0800 number but was advised of a heavy call volume and 30 min wait. Don't want to be on my mobile for 30 mins when I'm expecting other calls so there seems to be no other way to raise the problem other than via the forum. Can anyone suggest either what the problem may be and how long fior a fix or how the hell one gets in touch with Plusnet without sitting on a phoneline for ages.
Thanks for any help!
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Unable to dial certain numbers

It looks like there's a common issue in your area.
The estimated fix time is 4pm.
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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team