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Two phone lines.

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Two phone lines.

We are moving in to a rented house next week temporarily until we find a house to buy.
Rented didn't have a line so we've paid the £105.00 to have one connected.
We now have our current line active and the one in the rented active too.
2 questions.
Will we be charged two line rental fee's? the new line was ordered for 26th September, but as I've said, is now live.
If any one who has access to the rental property  makes calls on that line,  who will be liable? I don't think any one does have access, but you never know.
As we indicated on our order, we wanted the line changed over on the 26th.
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Re: Two phone lines.

Hi Trebor,
As it's a house move request, you shouldn't be charged for two services as the whole idea to move one from a different address and not use them both at the same time.