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Transferring existing landline number - switching from Sky

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Transferring existing landline number - switching from Sky

Not sure, where to start...


1. It took four days to get the Broadband working... someone had entered wrong Router Mac on Plusnet system hence it was not working. It took four days for them to resolve it.


2. Transfer of Existing number is very important, Hospital/Doctors need to call due to family crisis.. 


According to Plusnet website, it's simple transfer... Sky to Plusnet

"Switching from Sky is a breeze, and we’ll have you up and running in as little as 10 working days"


Not in our case it seems, it's been two weeks and Plusnet customer services are saying the following


"Good afternoon thank you for your time on the phone today Amin as discussed

This is to confirm that your renumber order is in progress and we will confirm the date in the next 24-48 working hours.

The reference for this order is: OR0000010604136."


Now they are say 

"my call was just to inform you that unfortunately our order to renumber was rejected was rejected by Sky the rangeholder of the number."


Called Sky Support - they advised that the number is no longer with them... If they had the number, would have gone back to them.


Don't Plusnet Support know that the number is with OpenReach (reading some of the forums) and under Ofcom rules no one can refuse to release number as long as you have not moved home.


Spend 45 mins today, got transferred from Support to another department. In their queue for 30 mins and then bounced back to Support again... and not happy with the response hence posting this on Forum for first time. CAN SOMEONE HELP...

Plusnet Ticket number: 190284209


Losing faith with Plusnet Support... would rate them below zero... if possible...


This Broadband/Telephone move is becoming a nightmare and YOU SHOULD THINK TWICE BEFORE MOVING TO PLUSNET or alike, if you want to keep your number.


Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Transferring existing landline number - switching from Sky

Hi @amin2019


Thank you for getting in touch and please accept my sincerest apologies that there have been issues importing your number across from sky. 


The telephone number we have attempted to import is not a BT number as stated in your message but a Sky number. Sky is the original range holder and you can check this by following the hyperlink here please input your required telephone number and you will see that neither BT nor Plusnet is the owner of this number. 


When importing a telephone number from another provider the telephone number has to be on an active line. Should the line be ceased, we are physically unable to request the number unless BT is the ranger holder of which the number can be made 'spare'.


In this instance, I'm afraid we would be unable to retain your telephone number for you unless Sky is contacted and they create a dummy line for us to request the number. Usually, this takes around 10 working days to process. 


Kind Regards