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Thinking of moving to PN

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Thinking of moving to PN

During a call to the CSC concerning a broadband issue, it was suggested that I could get FTTC and anytime calls (I’m currently on ADSL2+ and BT for the phone) for £32.98 p/m, however, when I went through the ‘wizard’ on the PN website it suggests that I would pay £37+ as ‘today’s account’ (think that was the wording) and then £32.98 p/m thereafter. What is the £37+ for?  Would I pay both the £37 and the £32.98 the first month?
How would I arrange the transfer to ensure that I don’t pay BT and PN (I’d need to find out from BT when my contract with them expires) 
Also, will I still have access to 1471 and 1571?
My current router is a Netgear DG834 which has always performed very well; is it compatible with FTTC?
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Thinking of moving to PN

Hi randpwar,
I suspect the £37 is the regular £32.98 cost with the additional postage cost of the router (£4.99) but that's a guess - likely though. You wouldn't therefore need to pay the £32.98 as well. Unfortunately the Netgear wouldn't be suitable for FTTC I'm afraid.
Transferring, all you need to do is request the service from us and we'll get the order placed - though as you say coordinating this with the end of the BT contract would be well worth doing.
1471 will still work and the voicemail 1571 is included (if you want it).
Hope that helps.