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Text message read out

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Text message read out

The other day (I cannot remember how I was alerted to it), my landline read out a message sent from a mobile number. I didn't even know I had this facility. New to me, so how does it work, is there a charge to receive such a message?

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Re: Text message read out

Hi @harrym1byt,


Thanks for getting in touch.

If somebody sends a text message to your landline number, your phone will ring and you'll be given the option to listen to the message which is read out by text to speech software. There's no charge for receiving the message and the sender will just be charged at their standard rate for sending text messages.

It's worth noting that it's possible to turn this feature off completely, or to put restrictions in place to manage when your landline can receive text messages. This can be done by dialling 0800 5875252 from your landline and selecting the relevant option from the automated system.

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