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Talk Evenings & Weekends call barring charge

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Talk Evenings & Weekends call barring charge

"Talk Evenings & Weekends call barring charge"
Hi, I've had this added to my bill this month. Its £5.76 and I have never had it, neither my wife or I have ever requested it nor have I ever been previously charged for it. Whilst we have a phone line, we do not own a home phone anymore and have not for some time. We both have mobiles which all calls are made from. I knew I'd gone over my broadband allowance twice this month, and expected the bill to be around £35, so checked when I was emailed about the total due.
Can someone please explain why this has been added? I'd like it refunded please seeing as a) was never requested and b) isn't used
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Talk Evenings & Weekends call barring charge

Hi, I replied to ticket 59056804 on your account as this is the issue that caused the charge to be placed on your invoice.