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Taking over phone line on new home

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Taking over phone line on new home

I am acquiring a new home in 10 days time and have been told that the current owner is terminating his BT line and broadband when he moves out.
I will be having work done at the property and will probably not need a line or broadband for 6 months.
When I eventually move in I will want to take out a new Plus net phone contract and BB contract.  If I do nothing now (i.e. dont try to cancel the phone 'cease' order before the present owner moves out), presumably in 6 months time the BT line will have lapsed and may have been completely disconnected.
What is the most sensible way to proceed ?    Should I just let it all lapse and fork out for a new connection when I am ready to take it on, or hang onto the BT line ?  Can I actually even do the latter without having to take out a 12 month contract ?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Taking over phone line on new home

In theory the stopped line should/could still be showing at the address in 6 months time, however there's nothing to guarantee that the equipment won't have been used in the meantime for another connection in the area.
If you do want ownership of the line, there's the down side of having to pay line rental, which may end up being more than you'd have to pay for a new line install if there isn't a stopped line for us to restart in 6 months time.
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