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Switching to Plusnet

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Switching to Plusnet

I'm irritated about the huge increase in the basic broadband charges, with only 14 days to consider whether I move my broadband away.
I'm confused as to what is not and is not permitted in the way of changes as there seem to be a lot of restrictions on unbundled switches. My broadband is with Plusnet  and my line rental is with Primus.  Can I switch my broadband to Primus?  Can I switch my line rental to Plusnet?  What about other providers?  Can someone [please explain he options in simple terms.
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Re: Switching to Plusnet

One quick answer - it is 10 days from receipt of the email but then you have more time to consider
If you aren't sure what to do one option is to advise that you don't accept the changes and ask for a MAC - this is valid for 30 days so gives you a bigger window
The other points
You can switch your phone from Primus but if you have a 12 month or similar contract it could get expensive
You can switch your broadband to Primus or to other providers but all the less expensive ones require you take their phone as well