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Suddenly cannot receive calls

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Suddenly cannot receive calls

Phone stopped receiving calls for about two weeks now. Can call out though. In my account it says:


An error has occurred

You cannot make any changes to your account while there is a phone order in progress.


and phone line checker says


Our checks indicate that there's a fault within your premises.

This may be caused by your phone equipment or internal wiring.



Not sure if it is the phone equipment though as broadband still working and we can dial out. I've tried to go on chat about 8 different days now but it is always unavailable and i don't have twitter so i can't tweet.


Please can someone help or advise,



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Re: Suddenly cannot receive calls


Your broadband can still work even with a phone fault on the line. The broadband will still work even if one wire of the "pair" feeding the phone socket / phone is broken whereas the phone will not.

Have you tried plugging your phone and router into a splitter and then into the test socket (behind the front plate of the master socket? If they work there that means that the front plate of the master socket is faulty. 

Alternatively have you got, or can you borrow, another phone and plug that in to se if it works. If so then youir existing phone or line cord to the phone is the culprit. A cheap corded phone is only a few pounds and is a handy thing to have to test such faults.

As the fault has been identified as a fault within your equipment / premises, there would be a charge if Plusnet sent out an Openreach engineer.

As for Live Chat, that service has been withdrawn by Plusnet.

I don't know if the message you are getting on your account is because of the fault or for some other reason. A Plusnet Staffer may be able to help there if they pick this up.

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Re: Suddenly cannot receive calls

Two other preliminary steps to diagnose the problem:


Dial 17070 and check that the correct number is announced. If it is...


Call your landline from a mobile or other line and note if the phone rings and what is heard by the caller.

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Re: Suddenly cannot receive calls

Live Chat is working fine at the moment

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Suddenly cannot receive calls

Thanks for getting in touch @RachyK and apologies for the delayed response.

We've tested your line and found a fault known as a 'Loop fault' which can sometimes be a internal issue.

I've created a ticket on your account here with some checks you can go through to see if you can resolve the issue without a engineer needing to visit.

If you're still having issues after going through the checks please respond to the ticket with your availability for a engineer and then post back here as this will allow us to get that picked up straight away for you.

With regards to the account stating there's a order in progress it appears that when you recently added Caller Display to your line it got stuck on our systems despite going live.

I've raised a task to the relevant team to get this corrected and the message should be gone within the next couple of days.

If there's anything else we can help with let us know

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team