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Spoilt by Virgin

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Registered: ‎20-02-2008

Spoilt by Virgin

We're moving from a cabled area (in fact, we're currently splitting time between the two places).

With Virgin, I've had a brilliant deal, with 2Mb unlimited broadband, landline and mobile (6 hours free to geographic numbers and mobiles on any network + 300 texts) for a total of £30 a month.  In practice, I use the mobile for all outgoing calls, as I'll never use up the free allowance.

At the new place, I've had a BT line installed, for which I'm paying £11.50 a month, plus Plusnet Option 2 at £14.99 (with which I'm very pleased).  I'm stuck with BT for the initial 12 month contract.
How would anyone advise me to plan strategically for the future, as more options become available to me?