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Spam calls

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Spam calls

been getting calls everday sometimes twice a day from spammers saying they are from talk talk,i tell them i am no longer with talk talk and they say they are from mocrosoft and i have a fault on my computer. i tell them to get lost but they keep ringing. had just got my 9 month old child to sleep today,that is a hard job and they rang and woke her. thinking of switching my phone off.went online to action fraud but its useless. 

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Re: Spam calls

You need a phone with Caller Barred, simply add them and block them, that way your phone will not ring, just shows the number with a Red Cross! Mine is a Panasonic cordless phone.

The amount of calls I get is unbelievable, so I simply Block them on my phone, the list is growing day by day, in fact I think I have more blocked numbers than contacts!


When I get a call from these, and I answer by mistake, I simply do not speak, because they will ring more

then press hash key about 4 times, it messes them up, sometime they ring back on a normal number and tell me they are doing their job!




Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Spam calls

Hi denise42,

I am sorry to hear about the calls you have been receiving through. As times go by these people and companies that do these sort of calls find new ways to contact people. The numbers that they called you from were they withheld or did they appear.

Have you considered registering with the telephone preference service as well?

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Re: Spam calls

Plusnet offer "Annoymous Call Reject" which does work's an extra you pay for as is "Choose to Refuse", when someone calls you you can block their number. If it is really bad you can pay £35 for a renumber but you take a chance that you may get a new number that someone else has had problems with.

Cheaper option that most folk seem to go for is the BT 8600 on Amazon.

Or you could always turn off your phone as you suggested.



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Spam calls

While both of the call features you've mentioned do work, they are not 100% guaranteed to block all nuisance calls. I believe there is still a possibility that international calls/withheld international calls may still slip through the net.


Although I don't have any personal experiencing using the call features or the BT 8600 handsets, I've heard the handsets are a great solution for the one off cost.

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