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Set up charge

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Set up charge

Good afternoon all
Before I sign up to "Anytime +" I have but one question re. charging.
The way I read it, a call to an 01/02/03 number is free, (up to 60 minutes).
Will I pay the 4.5p set up fee?  The tariffs says this is payable only on "non-inclusive calls" and it seems that 01/02/03 calls (under 60 minutes) are "inclusive" and would, therefore, be exempt.
Would the same logic follow for an international call of under 30 minutes to one of the top 20 destinations?
If the 4.5p is payable, which calls will be exempt from the set-up charge?
Sorry if I'm misreading it, but I'm sure you will set me straight.
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Re: Set up charge

There is no set-up charge for inclusive calls - 01/02/03 or international.
It only applies to chargeable calls, i.e. on Anytime+ that would be mobiles, 09xxx, 084xx, 087xx, international outwith top 20, etc.
I don't think it applies if you go over 60 mins for 01/02/03 or 30 mins for top 20 international either - I'm sure Mand will be along to confirm or otherwise!